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Fixing the Cold Weather Hair Frizzies

Fixing the Cold Weather Hair Frizzies

You may not be aware of the cause of hair "frizz" but, I'm here to enlighten you on the topic.  Hair Frizz and dryness is caused by a lack of moisture.  When sharing this fact, I'd like to assist you in overcoming the core issue that causes hair frizz.  It is a fact, that our skin tissue is our bodies largest living organ.  The hair on our head is a dead cell which is attached to a living organism, called skin.  The growth process of hair starts from the follicles root.  This root is made up of cell tissue of protein.  Blood vessels stimulate at our hair bulb, feeding the scalps root which creates more cells and makes the hair grow full of nutrients. It starts internally and appears externally.  What we eat and drink plays a vital part to our bodies potential Hydrogen (pH) balance and our bodies being highly acidic. An acidic body can cause acidosis, which occurs when there's too much lactic acid in the body.  Causes include prolonged lack of oxygen.   When the body has dry skin, the skin has a lack of elasticity caused by a lack of moisture.  The body needs water to lubricate your hair/skin.  When revitalizing dead hair cell appearance, to become vibrant with a lasting shinning mirror gloss, it is based upon the products you apply to your hair shaft.  These products can zap out hair moisture.

Tips to minimize hair frizz:

1.  Eat fresh or slightly cooked green leafy foods.

2.  Intake potential Hydrogen (pH) water.

3.  After shampooing, close the hair shaft by brushing through your conditioner (Tiy's               Favorite & Fabulous for Winter, Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator) and rinse your hair with       cool water to start the sealing process.

4.  Apply a drop of hair serum to your hair (Currently: Tiy's Favorite & Fabulous Sebastian       Dark Oil)  to seal the hair cuticle of pollution and sun. 

 5. If your hair has static, it is a sign your body is lacking moisture.  For a quick daily hair         fix, lightly rub a fabric slip over your hair from the roots to the ends. 

Tiy's Hair Truths, is a Newsletter written for consumers by manufactures and licensed hair care experts, so you can gain effective knowledge on your hair care journey.

Happy New Year, Sunshine!