Understanding Hair Care

Maintaining daily hair regimens can be difficult, and a lot of steps.  Missing one step is the determining factor of a good hair day vs. bad hair day.  Hair care includes a balance of all determining factors, starting with scalp care.  This balance results in a “good hair day!”  In order to achieve this balance, the hairs core must include scalp care to achieve total hair care. Scalp care products promote oxygen to the scalp without blocking blood circulation.  Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), parabens, and sulfates (to name a few) make hormone deposit into your scalps hair follicle. Proper scalp care is important when releasing toxins to promote hair growth and blood flow.  Such toxins increase facial blemish breakouts and promote thin hair strand growth.  Instead of full hair strands during your hairs growth cycle.


Tiy Morgan, Hair Loss Practitioner