After servicing women hair challenges for over 21 years in the salon, the number one request is, “Can I look like this everyday?”

Our easy to use 3-1, hairstyle preservation technology makes your hairstyle last longer, helps prevent breakage while preserving your hairstyle with lasting shine and body, saving time and money. Our woven silk aligns the hair cuticle, assisting the cuticle to remain flat, preventing dehydration, hair breakage, and minimizing frizz for hair types. Because silk is breathable, TiY’s Ties promotes hair and scalp care, allowing the scalp to breathe day and night. Our hair care scarfs are made from silk worms, natural in white color, and silk woven only. Not incorporating any additional blends of fabrics. Our hair care scarfs are cut, and sewn per design, making them all reversible to accent your best look, and are one-of-a-kind.

Tiy Morgan, a Master hairstylist, credential Educator and Hair Loss Practitioner invented this product offering multiple benefits and easy to follow manufacture instructions or tutorial at TiysTies Hair CareYouTube channel. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR HAIR !